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In 2015 our company will be looking forward to expand its market in different region. Our region ...

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PCFSCT celebrated its green plumbing day. 15 years before on 31st March PCFSCT came up with an in...

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Company Introduction

Browse Our Diverse Range of Pipe Nipples For Plumbing

Pan China Fastening System Co LTD. is one of the prime producer and exporter of rolled threaded pipe nipples for plumbing and other piping essentials. The company has pioneered in the manufacturing of high-quality green pipe fittings that are highly reliable for industrial oil and gas pipe fittings. We are also expanding our distribution network in USA and Europe as rolled thread technology is heavily demanded in these regions. We started our journey in 1998, and green rolled thread technology is one of our biggest achievements. This technology is still rare in industrial plumbing production but tube fittings powered by rolled threaded technology are better, reliable and longer lasting than the conventional cut threaded technology. PCFSCT has been able to attract customers from almost every corner of the world and is also well recognized by its best quality plumbing supplies and products beating the best with their steel pipe prices and black pipe nipples.

Company’s mission & vision is not to earn profit only rather company is very much determined in manufacturing whatever it is that customers expect, therefore PCFSCT takes all the measures that are required to keep up with its vision, be it a highly excellent and skilled team, best quality raw material, or durability, we are committed to produce the best plumbing product.

How We Did It
The immediate success that PCFSCT was able to achieve in less than 20 years time was basically as a result of being motivated and devoted with time and resources to come up with all type of steel and black pipe fittings and other stainless steel plumbing supplies. The products that earned PCFSCT world recognition as a leading plumbing fittings manufacturer are:

Green Safety Industrial Plumbing
One of the products that the company takes pride in is its innovation of Green Safety steel Plumbing Supplies in the form of threaded pipe nipples. This technology was as a result of day and night hard work that the all the team members put in, to make it possible for the customers to make the most of this great technology.

Rolled Threaded Pipe Nipples:
As the threads are the most important part of a pipe nipples without which they are useless. Basically it is threads only that enable a pipe joints/nipples to fit with another one. Therefore, the other Technology that PCFSCT has been able to renovate is the Rolled Threaded Steel Pipe Nipples. The feature that makes this product unique is its threads which are designed with the due consideration of hard use so that they do not easily break and last longer.

Where We are Headed
Being the top Industrial plumbing manufacturer - the success story of PCFSCT is one of those ones that never ends, as the company believes in success as a journey not as a destination which is the driving force for the company to become one of best in the industry. Furthermore, it is the customers that the company cares about and is working for.
PCFSCT is operating with a vision, a vision to be on the top in the pipe manufacturing companies and it is this vision of the company that has taken the company at the level it is at the present moment and believes in continuing this practice which will definitely lead to its mission.

Being the top spot holder in pipe fittings manufacturing we believe in one thing that is:

“Nothing is more important than customer satisfaction in Business”

So, we are working on our belief and getting some good hunches from the international market, you can know more about us here. If you have any queries regarding our steel/black pipe fittings product line feel free to contact us and our support team will be there shortly to help you out or you can also live chat with us through the popping dialogue box on the right side at the bottom of page.