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PCFSC manufactures high quality galvanized Gi Pipe Fittings. Galvanized Pipe Fittings are used in the plumbing industry for water and gas Piping. There are many advantages of using galvanized pipe Fittings with PCFSC Galvanized Pipe Nipples. The threading on PCFSC Galvanized Pipe fittings is manufactured by highly advanced machines which protect the galvanize coating on the Pipe Nipple and prevent it from getting rust and leakage. The thread profile of PCFSC Galvanized pipe fittings ensures a tighter, safe and leak free connection.

Why Choose PCFSCTs GI Pipe Fittings

Following are the several advantages of using PCFSC Galvanized Pipe Fittings in water and gas projects.

1. Cost cutting
There is usually a small cost of the galvanization process than other popular methods of protecting the steel. This is due to the reason of other methods being labor intensive, and the labor cost is an ever increasing factor. Less manual labor is required by galvanizing, and therefore, this result in a decreased cost.

2. Extensive Life
Long life is the main benefit of galvanized steel fittings. In many rural areas Galvanized steel pipe, fittings, and other structures have a life of 50 years, and in severely exposed urban and coastal environments it goes around 25 years. By using PCFSCTs GI Fittings, you can easily increase the life of plumbing by three times.

3. Tough
It is made very rugged by the unique metallurgical composition of a galvanized coating. Therefore, the damage can be resisted by galvanized products during transport, assembly, and service. The galvanized fittings can resist the corrosion and insures a flawless supply for years.

4. Lower Maintenance Cost
Its ruggedness and long life require low to no maintenance for tens of years.

5. Standardized Procedure
Every Galvanized products are manufactured to precise standards. This assures the ability to predict its lifespan and performance accurately.

6. Protected from 360 degrees
Every part of a structure is protected by the galvanization process every nook or cranny, corner or sharp recess it is not possible for other coatings to provide this level of protection.

7. Convenient Inspection
There is a very simple and straightforward inspection process for galvanized pipe and fittings. An eye can examine the galvanized coating and with simple, non-destructive methods their thickness can be tested. A galvanized coatingâs appearance can highlight its functioning.

8. Prices
Galvanized pipes are less expensive than copper. However they have a higher rate than PVC pipes, and their life span is also much longer with more resistance. It also depends on the type of pipe fittings you are looking to purchase. For instance, the price of a sewage pipe is always less than compressed air lines due to their complexity.

9. Suitable for Big Projects
As compared to the other pipes, galvanized pipe fittings are the best option for big projects such as construction projects or farm irrigation systems due to their durability. Secondly, the diameter of galvanized pipes is larger than any other copper pipe. This is a major reason of the presence of galvanized pipes in industries and large sewage plumbing.

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