Pan China Fastening System Company one of the most well established and leaders in pipe supplying throughout the China. We are basically a pipe fittings manufacturer of rolled pipes with other highly classic products that have continued to make the reputation in overseas as well as in the local market.

We deal in all sorts of plumbing supplies including: Steel nipples, galvanized nipples BSP threaded roll, carbon and welded pipes, galvanized carbon, groove pipe nipples, seamless nipples and many more categories produced in highly technology and method as per the international standards.

Shanghai pan China fastening company limited is associated with Shanghai Pan China Trading and Consulting Company which is dated back in the year 1996. We have initiated spectacular steps in the field and have launched various models on pipe fittings, which are convenient for users, the rolled thread technology on steel pipes and tubes brought a huge success to our name which were introduced with firm dedication and improvement which goes hand to hand with willingness of originality.

Our uniqueness has made the customers every growing and demanding, which is visible from our high export products to overseas and countries. Many more manufacturers have benefited from our styles and models to meet the need of individuals, and thus Shanghai China fastening system is one of the rarest and widely known brand in retail and wholesale. Our latest and heavy cutting machineries have given fine results over these years, with ultra perfection in each of our product.

Our products can easily be categorized as the most reliable and durable product in most diverse as well as worse usage conditions, as we prepare our product to cope with multiple situations and usages.

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