plumbing in space

An Interesting Infographic on Plumbing in Space

Many people take water granted. They use water all their lives without thinking for a single second how will it be like if there is no water or if they will be bounded by a limitation for its usage. Space is a place where there is no water at all and so it has to be carried in to the space from the earth. Now given the limitations astronauts go through a phase in which they realize the importance of water. This article discusses some of the facts regarding space plumbing. Continue reading

Basics Digg Down: Why Choose Copper Plumbing


There are many reasons for using copper as the choice for plumbing system. This unique metal I very versatile and has qualities unlike other metals which makes it ideal for not only plumbing but also for flashing and wiring. Majority home owners who have built their houses in the 70’s are least concerned about their plumbing. Many new constructors put cost into consideration and so to reduce it plastic plumbing is put to use. This doesn’t hurt them in the beginning but their poor decision will cause problems later on. Continue reading