How CPVC Works and Why It Fails

cpvc pipesChlorinated Polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) is one of the most commonly used manufacturing element for pipes and relative accessory. CPVC relative production includes water pipes, sprinklers, heat transfer application etc.

In comparison with metal piping products CPVC products are cost efficient and user friendly in terms of installation. The thermoplastic (CPVC) was originally invented in 1970s. Since birth CPVC has been enhancing its popularity & adoption in commercial & residential buildings. Over the past few years not only has its growth but piping failures causing damage have also increased. Proper understanding of material & Implementation methods including pipes & fitting is a must known for each consumer in order to prevent or recover these numerous damages.

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5 Handy Plumbing Tips For Rookies

5 Handy plumbing tipsPlumbing Problems can sure create a mess around the house if not dealt with properly. Solving a plumbing issue is not as easier as it looks and can sure create a headache for you. For this very reason, these five effective Tips and Tricks can come in handy and can ultimately save your precious time, money and Human effort in solving one of the most familiar household plumbing problems. Continue reading