Resources Deficiency is causing trouble for Columbia’s Stormwater Utility

Limited Resources are causing problems in Columbia’s Stormwater Utility operations

News from Tuesday’s Infrastructure meeting reveals that Columbia’s Stormwater utility are facing difficulty operating at Mayor’s Task Force. Civil engineer who is currently leading the crew named ‘Erin Keys’ said in her presentation that resources provided to them are not likely to help them as they are not sufficient enough for either maintenance or replacement of current infrastructure which is failing badly.

Infrastructure which is being maintained by this highly experienced group comprises of around 160 mile long Pipe lines that are stretched from Columbia to Springfield, Missouri. Furthermore she said that pipes installed within this locality are highly rusted & failing badly.

These rusted pipes are causing major problems in form of Sink Holes forming on streets & sidewalks. She further confirmed that when numerous problems arise patching of optimum level is all they can do but due to high level of problems in recent months she wants to apply a permanent solution to the problem.

Furthermore residents are also causing much problem by causing damage to culverts located within their area which requires extra maintenance effort from our highly experienced teams.

Columbia’s Stormwater Utility is responsible for conditions such as flooding, erosion & pollution alongside their maintenance projects. Keys confirmed that managing all these situations is not an easy task with such a small crew & low allotted budget.

Enhanced storm water budget was allotted to them this April but Keys confirmed that it is still insufficient to prevent such crisis situation.

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