Best Suited Applications & Types of Carbon Steel Pipes

Preferred Applications & Classification of Carbon Steel Pipes

Carbon Steel Pipes are very much in demand within numerous industrial applications. Most essential part of any industrial application is transfer of material from one place to another. Carbon pipes are mostly preferred in terms of industrial material transfer. These pipes are purely manufactured through usage of carbon only. Wide varieties of these Carbon Steel pipes are available in market now a days.

Carbon Steel pipes due to its unique property of being rugged & robust is highly preferred in numerous industrial application especially Heavy Industries that require transfer of material which through pipes that can withstand vast amount of pressure. Wide range of Carob Steel Pipes that are diverse in terms of size, quality & Cost can easily be obtained from the market alongside availability of manufacturers offering custom made designs which although is perfect but requires welding. Thickness of these pipes determines their capability to withstand certain pressure situations. Common Types of Carbon Steel Pipes

Types of carbon steel pipes:

*High carbon: High Carbon is referred to that type of Carbon Steel Pipe which contains high amount of Carbon. This type of carbon pipe is highly beneficial in terms of manufacturing of products such as Blade, Cutting Tools etc. This type of carbon pipe is highly vulnerable to heat & High Temperature which makes it moldable Thus manufacturing of wide variety of products through shaping of Carbon is just a piece of cake. Objects produced through these pipes have the capability to withstand great amount of pressure due to its property of having high tensile strength. Mostly this type of Carbon Steel Pipe is preferred for industries such as mining etc.

*Low carbon: These Pipes are mostly preferred for transfer of materials such as Gas, Oil & Water. Their life cycle is greater than other Carbon pipes due to their ability to resist corrosion & therefore they are highly preferred for deployment of underwater projects as well. Although they have small amount of carbon quantity yet their strength are equal to high carbon Pipes.

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