Since ages, it has been a first choice to install schedule 40 pipes for house hold needs such as water, furnaces and heaters piping. Unfortunately this caused heavy fatal incidents in the United States that killed nearly about 65 people annually in gas explosions.

A much safer alternate that is the black iron pipe was developed and adopted by a number of people. The introduction of corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) pipe was first ever manufactured in JAPAN to provide a comprehensive and a safe piping solution that mitigated the dangers of rigid gas piping caused by earthquakes. Soon this technology was adopted by the United States and recognized by the American Gas association and the Gas Research institute of the United States as a safer piping solution. CSST was designed to provide optimum solutions that catered the dangers of rigid gas piping.

Considerable number of casualties was reported that were caused by leaks in rigid gas pipes. The National Fire Protection Association published a guide and a manual for the operation of these pipes. It has been almost two decades that the American Standards Institute issued the first ever CSST manual. After the issuing more than 750 millions of feet CSST have been installed and operated in more than five million homes across North America. CSST piping offers flawless security due to the factors that it is highly flexible and in continuous length and contains not a single joint.

It is designed to provide easy installation that can be achieved by typical hand tools that ensure leak tight results for maximum safety. With considerable quality control testing and extensively proven results it provides maximum protection against indirect rays and lighting that that could be bombarded. When examining the CSST and orthodox piping it is quite obvious that CSST system offer ultimate safety compared to the old ways of piping. With its amazing popularity and extra ordinary safety this piping solution minimized fatal incidents to a great extent. CSST piping not only provided unsurpassed safety but with is hassle free and light weight nature offered a cost-effective solution.

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