1.6 million Americans don’t have indoor plumbing. Here’s where they live

Published On: 2014-05-13 10:12:29

An outhouse near McCall, Idaho. Photo by Flickr user Charles Knowles, used under a Creative Commons License.

Recently it has been reported that the Census Bureau shows interest in removing some question from American Community Survey which the Census Bureau itself is running, this report has been published by FactTank Blogging website owned and run by The Pew Research Centre. According to Republican lawmakers, questions of ACS (American Community Survey) are a threat to the privacy of people, as the questions included in their survey are touching each and every aspect of people’s life, besides, this being the reason ACS has been a target of Republican lawmakers for quite some time now.


The Census Bureau has been reviewing a number of questions added in the survey especially the ones that is regarding the plumbing facilities in a household and also include question which are considered to be irrelevant in today’s modern day and age such as whether a household has the facility of flush toilet or not, since this question seems somewhat not appropriate in 2014 in which who is there that does not have a flush toilet.


It has also been reported that the survey done by ACS has gathered the statistics which suggest that about 630,000 American which are basically occupied, lack the plumbing facility such as a toilet tub, flush toilet, pipe fitting for running water and so.



Census Bureau has also reported that in every household there’s an average of 2.6 individuals which means that over 1.6 million American people despite such advancement and technology enhancement, living in the wealthiest nation on Earth are deprive of this basic facility. 



Counties coming under Indian reservation as well as the ones along the Rio Grande in Texas are the ones where there’s a high rate of such people living a life without any plumbing facility at all in this modern times. Still plumbing most of the communities even in America are rather new development. Over a quarter of American households were basically deprived of flush toilet facility in 1950s.


By discussing the plumbing issue, it can be said that the questions on the issue of plumbing facility are not just a mere joke, rather it’s a serious issue and a problem that has been affecting the life of millions of people in America,  and this requires urgent and immediate reaction towards so that the people who lack this basic need could get this the sooner the possible.


The data acquired from this survey is basically used by the government in order to allocate section 8 as well as other housing subsidies which is done for various reasons. Moreover the date gathered by the American Community Survey is a great help for the right and appropriate use of annual federal spending of over $416 billion, unlike if such data is not gathered the annual spending can be a victim of misuse and would be spent blindly. These surveys basically give is used to spend the annual spending more efficiently.

Inspired by: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2014/04/23/1-6-million-americans-dont-have-indoor-plumbing-heres-where-they-live/

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